BCA 1st semester English I MCQ solution 2019
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BCA 1st semester English I MCQ solution 2019

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Bachelor in computer application

Course Title : English I

Semester :- I

BCA 1st semester English I MCQ solution 2019

  1. Icon is defined as………
    a. visual symbol used is a menu instead of natural language.**
    b. a device moved by hand to indicate position on the screen.
    c. data programs
    d. The set of software
  2. An………….pen is one example of an input device.
    a. electron
    b. electronic**
    c. electronics
    d. electronically
  3. The word computational has…………..
    a. an adjective-forming suffix**
    b. adverb-forming suffix
    c. verb-forming suffix
    d. noun-forming suffix
  4. Newest is an example of ……….
    a. superlattice adjective**
    b. comparative adjective
    c. absolute adjective
    d. absolute adverb
  5. We were …….to document our program.
    a. instructor
    b. instructed**
    c. instruct
    d. instruction
  6. The opposite meaning of 'preventing' is….
    a. co-operating
    b. enabline
    c. reducing
    d. localizing
  7. Which of the following words has a destructive meaning?
    a. cipher
    b. shield
    c. smart-card
    d. hacker**
  8. The computer is … faster than the old one.
    a. considered
    b. considerably**
    c. considerable
    d. considering
  9. Our company is working on a new …….. of software products.
    a. generation**
    b. generative
    c. generated
    d. generate
  10. The similar meaning (synonym) of the word inventive is………
    a. skilled
    b. creative**
    c. awkward
    d. insufficent

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