BCA 2020 Exam MCQ with Solution
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BCA 2020 Exam MCQ with Solution
BCA Fourth semester Operating system 2021

BCA 2020 Exam MCQ with Solution

BCA 2020 Exam MCQ with Solution

BCA 2020 Exam MCQ with Solution

C programming

i. Which compilation unit is responsible for adding header files content in the source code?

a. Linker              

b. compiler

c. Assembler

d. Preprocessor

ii. What is the meaning of the following line of code?

a. sum is function which takes int arguments

b. Sum of a function which takes two int arguments and return void

c. it will produce compilation error

d. can’t comment

iii. Which header file is essential for using stremp() function?


b. strings.h

c. text.h

d. strcmp.h

iv. Which of the following is not a branching statement in c ?


b. goto

c. pointer

d. continue

v.Array can be considered as set of elements stored in consecutive memory locations but having…..

a.same data type

b. Different data

c. same scope

d. None of the above

vi. If inta=5, b=8, then what will be the value of int c=b++ -a--?


b. 4

c. 2

d. None of the above

vii. Suppose you are piece of code; circle(100, 100, 50); in c, then is meant by 50?

a. Center

b. diameter

c. perimeter

d. radius

viii. suppose that the code:

struct student

{char name[20];

Int age;

Char address[25];


Then , what is the size of std?

a.47 bytes

b. 20 bytes

c. 25 bytes

d. None of the above

ix . suppose you are given a piece of code:

int a=5,*b;


printf(“%u”, b);

then, what will be the output?


b. address of a

c. address of b

d. Garbage value

x. Which of the following is not a valid file opening mode?

a. read

b. write

c. execute

d. append

BCA Fourth semester Operating system 2021

BCA 2020 Exam MCQ with Solution

Bachelor in computer Applications                                                                                   Full Marks:60

Course Title: Operating System                                                                                          Pass Marks: 24

Code No: CACS251                                                                                                              Time: 3 hours

Semester: IV (4th)

Group A

1. Multiprogramming of computer system increase………

a. CPU utilization

b. cost of computation

c. storage

d. memory

2. To access the services of operating system, the interface is provided by…….

a. API

b. Library

c. System call

d. Assembly instructions

3. Which of the following method is used to prevent tread or processes from accessing a single resources?

a. PCB

b. Semaphore

c. Job scheduler

d. non-contiguous memory allocation

4. Banker’s algorithm is used to………

a. Prevent deadlock

b. avoid deadlock

c. Detect deadlock

d. recover from deadlock

5. Paging increase the ……….time.

a. Waiting

b. execution

c. Context-switch

d. all of these

6. The hardware mechanism that allows a device to notify the CPU is called………..

a. polling

b. interrupt

c. driver

d. controlling

7. Which of the following are the two parts of the file name?

a. Name and Identifier

b. Identifier and Type

c. Name and Extension

d. Type and Extension

8. What is the breach of data integrity?

a. Unauthorized access of data

b. Unauthorized reading of data

c. unauthorized destruction of data

d. unauthorized modification of data

9. In distributed system, a logical clock is associated with each……..

a. Instruction

b. Process

c. register

d. memory location

10. Remote procedure call are used for communication between…….

a. two processes remotely different from each other on the same system

b. two processes on the same system

c. two processes on the separate system

d. None of these

BCA 2020 Exam MCQ with Solution

BCA 2020 Exam MCQ with Solution

Financial Accounting 2021(2078)

Bachelor in computer Applications                                                             Full Marks:60

Course Title: Financial Accounting                                                              Pass Marks: 24

Code No: CAAC152                                                                                       Time: 3 hours

Semester: II (2nd)

Group A

i. What is a Full from of GAAP?

a. Generally accepted principles,

b. Generally accepted accounting principles

c. Government accepted accounting principles.

d. General administrative and accounting process.

ii. What is the journalizing rule of personal Account?

a.Debit cash A/C and credit personal A/C

b. Debit the receiver and credit the giver

c. Debit what comes in credit what goes out

d. Debit expenses and losses and credit incomes and gains

iii. Subsidiary books is known as……….

a. Sub-division of assets

b. Sub-division of ledger

c. Sub-division of assets

d. Sub-division of liability

iv. We prepare profit and loss account for ……..

a. Determination of gross profit

b. Determination of net profit

c. Determination of cost of production

d. Determination of financial position

v. Which transaction is recoded with purchase book?

a. Cash purchase

b. Cash purchase of assets

c. Credit purchase of goods

c. Credit purchase of assets

vi. Out of the following, which one is not feature of company?

a. Artificial person

b. Common seal

c. Limited liability

d. Prospectus

vii. Double entry of accounting refers to………..

a. Every transaction has two fold equal effects.

b. Every transition records in account

c. Only monetary transaction records in account

d. Credit of cash

viii. A company is purchased a machine at Rs. 100,000 with 4 years life and zero salvage value, what is the amount of depreciation per year under straight line method.

a. Rs. 20,000

b. Rs. 25, 000

c. Rs. 30,000

d. Rs. 31,300

ix. A business required 32,000 units per year, ordering cost per order Rs. 500 and carrying cost per unit Rs. 20 Determine EOQ of business?

a.4,000 unit

b. 3,000 units

c. 5,000 units

d. 2,000 units

x. A company having 1000,000 authorized share @Rs. 100 each. Company issued 50 percent of authorized capital and subscribed 400,000 shares and paid fully. Which one is subscribed capital?

a. Rs. 10,00,00,000

b. Rs. 5,00,00,000

c. Rs. 4,00,00,000

d. Rs. 8,00,00,000

BCA 4th semester MCQ question solution 2078

Bachelor in computer Applications                                                                                    Full Marks:60

Course Title: Numerical Method                                                                                          Pass Marks: 24

Code No: CACS252                                                                                                              Time: 3 hours

Semester: IV

Group A

i. Which of the following is numerical error

a. Missing Information

b. Data Error

c. Roundup Error

d. Conversion Error

ii. Which of the following method is used solve the system of linear equation?

a. Bisection Method

b. False Position Method

c. Taylor series Method

d. Matrix Inverse Method

iii. How many significant digits in the number 105.78904560?

a. 11

b. 3

c. 8

d. 10

iv. What will be the solution of equations x+y=3 and 2x+2y=6?

a. Unique solution  

b. Infinite Solution  

c. No Solution

d. III-condition

v. Which of the following formula is four-point formula to estimate integration?

a. Trapezoidal Rule

b. Simpson’s 1/3 Rule

c. Simpson’s 3/8 Rule

d. Boole’s Rule

vi. When a differential equation is considered as an ordinary differential equation?

a. If it has one independent variable

b. if it has one dependent variable

c. more than one dependent variable

d. more than one independent variables

BCA 2nd semester Microprocessor MCQ 2078

Bachelor in computer Applications                                                                    Full Marks:60

Course Title: Micro processor                                                                            Pass Marks: 24

Code No: CACS155                                                                                                Time: 3 hours

Semester: II

Group A


i. A 32 bit address bus allows access to a memory of capacity.

a. 64MB

b. 16MB

c. 1GB

d. 4 GB

ii. Which is used to store critical pieces of data during subroutines and interrupts?

a. Stack

b. Queue

c. Accumulator

d. Data register

iii. The cycle required to fetch and execute instruction in an 8085 microprocessor is

a. Clock cycle

b. Memory cycle

c. Instruction cycle

d. Machine cycle

iv. The constant of accumulator before CMA instruction is A5H. its content after instruction execution is

a. A5H

b. 5AH

c. AAH

d. 55H

v. The BSA instruction is

a. Branch and store accumulator

b. Branch and save return address

c. Branch and shift address

d. Branch and show accumulator

vi. A micro program sequencer

a.Generates the address of next micro instruction to be executed.

b. generates the control signals to execute a microinstruction

c.  sequentially averages all micro instructions in the control memory

d. enables the efficient handling of a micro program subroutine

vii. The instruction fetch operation in initiated by loading the contents of program counter into the …….and sends….request to memory.

a. Memory register and read

b. Memory register and write

c. Data register and read

d. Address register and read

viii. The control memory contains a set of words where each word is

a. Microinstruction

b. Programs

c. Sets

d. Mnemonics

ix. Who determine under what conditions the branching will occur and when

 a.  By combination of CD and BT

b. By combination of CD and BR

c. By combination of CD and CR

d. By combination of TD and BR

x. Which addressing is an extremely influential way addressing

a. Immediate addressing

b. Direct addressing

c. Register addressing

d. Displacement addressing

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