BCA First Semester 2021 MCQ with solution
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BCA First Semester 2021 MCQ with solution

BCA First Semester 2021 MCQ with solution


1.Who is known as father of sociology?

a) karl max                 c)Emile Durkheim

b) August comet     d)Herbert Spencer

2) Which of the following event is more responsible for the emergence of sociology?

a) Colonialism                      c) Industrial revaluation and French revolution

b) Renaissance                   d) Economic crisis

3) Culture is of two types, they are

a) Urban and rural                           b) Hunting and gathering

c) Agricultural and industrial         d) Material and Non-material

4. Sociology is the scientific study of

a) Culture                              b) community

c) World                                 d) Society

5) Which one of the following can be placed under the category of achieved status?

a) Brahmin                            b) Caste

c) Doctor                               d) Race

6) Norms are standards of………….behavior.

a) Individual                          b) Family

c) Group                                 d) All of the above

7) Which of the following is true?

a) change in technology induces in social structure.

b) Technology change has nothing to do with social structure.

c) Social structure remains unchanged.

d) All of the above

8) The term ‘cultural relativism’ refers to

a) A set of values, view or reality, and codes of behavior held in common by people who distinctive way of life

b) A pattern of assertion of values and facts.

c) The belief that culture can be understood only in terms of its own values and in its

d) An extreme sect that calls for radical change in the individual, or society, or both.

9) Interview is a tool for: what do you understand by ‘Gender’ difference?

a) Racial differences               b) Sex differences

c) Physical difference between male and female

d) Socially and culturally constructed difference between male and female

10. What is the primary agency of socialization? The process by which individuals learn the society is known as

a) Acculturation

b) Enculturation

c) Assimilation

d) Accommodation

BCA First Semester 2021 MCQ with solution

English I 2021  

1. A visual symbol used in a menu instead of natural language is known as…………

a. mainframe                b. icon                 c. microchip      d. mouse

-->b. icon

2. Should you require anything future at this time, please do not………to contact me

a. void              b. hesitate           c. delay                               d. prevent

--> c. delay

3. Please……….our enclosed current catalogue and price list.

a. find               b. look                  c. receive            d. examine

--> d. examine

4. The word ‘Photographic’ has its principal stress on the…………syllable.

a. 1st                   b. 2nd                     c. 3rd                      d. 4th

--> d. 4th

5. A single dot on a computer screen, usually a square of a single color is called a……….

a. Pixel           b. bit                      c. byte                  d.  grayscale display

--> a. Pixel

6. What is a LAN in computers?

a.  Literary Area Network                       b. Local Area Network

c. Long Area Network                               c. Local Asian Network

--> b. Local Area Network

7. An item of data such as a number, a name, or an address is called as………..

a. logical record           b. physical record          

c. Field                            d. Internal schema

--> c. Field

8. Another term for VDU is called…………

a. display         b. monitor                       c. developer                       d. converter

--> b. monitor

9. Our University computer does not have a PASCAL……….

a. Compiler                                 b. Compilation                  c. Compile          d. compiled

--> a. Compiler

10. A piece of glass with a curved surface used to make things appear clearer, larger or smaller is called………

a. lens             b. robotics                          c. liquid crystal                                d. glove

--> a. lens

 BCA First Semester 2021 MCQ with solution

Mathematic I

Mathematic I MCQs of 2021
comment are most welcome.

BCA First Semester 2021 MCQ with solution

Digital Logic

1.  When output will go low in NAND Gate?

a. If all input are high

b. If any input is high

c. If all input are low

d. if any input are low

-->c. If all input are low

2. Which of the following is octal equivalent of (1E.53)16?

a. (35.684)8                       b. (36.246)8

c. (34.340)8                        d. (35.599)8

--> b. (36.246)8

3. Which of the following is universal gate?

a. AND

b. OR

c. XOR


--> d. NAND

4. How many number of full and half-adders are required to add 16-bit number?

a. 8 half-adders, 8 full-adders    

b. 16 half-adders, 0 full-adders

c. 1 half-adder, 15 full-adders

d. 4half-adders, 12 full-adder

--> c. 1 half-adder, 15 full-adders

5. How many flip-flops are required to construct MOD-15 counter?

a. 5

b. 6

c. 4

d. 3

6.  According to Boolean Algebra,  What is the value of 1+X=?

a. 0

b. X

--> c. 1

d. X’

c. 1

7. The logic circuit whose output at any instance of time depends only on the present input values is called

a. Combinational circuit

b. Sequential circuit

c. Counter

d. Flipflop

--> b. Sequential circuit

8. How many selection lines are required for 16:1 multiplexer?

a. 2

b. 3

c. 4

d. 8

--> c. 4

9. In S-R flipflop, if Q=1 the output is said to be,

a. Set

b. Reset

c. Previous state

d. current state

--> b. Reset

10. How many number of states a ring counter with 5 flip flops will have?

a. 10

b. 5

c. 32

d. 16

--> b. 5

BCA First Semester 2021 MCQ with solution

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