BCA Entrance Questions and their solution 2019
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BCA Entrance Questions and their solution 2019
BCA Entrance Questions and their solution 2019
BCA Entrance Questions and their solution 2019

BCA Entrance Questions and their solution 2019

Group A “English”

1. That is………mobile. I like most.

a. a              b. an                c. the              d. nothing itoftheday logo

2. Which of the following words is an abstract noun?

a. a bed      b. desk                        c. fear             d. Class

3. We must be early ……..we won’t get the tickets. itoftheday logo

a. otherwise         b. yet               c. however                 d. but

4. The city center was crowded……tourists. itoftheday logo

a. For                      b. of                 c. with                                    d. by

5. Why do you laugh……..poor?

a. of                        b. at                c. in                 d. by

6. A book is different ………..a copy.

a. than                   b.by                 c. of                 d. from

7. He is a student…………Tribhuvan University.

a.on                                    b. in                 c. at                 d. of

8. Let us pay……….cash.

a. by                        b.in                 c. for               d. at

9. Let’s have fun……..?

a. will we                b. will you       c. shall we     d. should you itoftheday logo

10. An ……..pen is an example of an input device.

a. electron              b. electronic             c. electronics              d. electronically

11. In Nepal, rice is grown……….in Terai region. itoftheday logo

a. apparently                     b. mostly                   c. amazingly               d. enormously

12. Select the correct antonym for ‘shrewd’

a. clever                 b. intelligent                                    c. dull              d. virtuous

13. Select the correct synonym for ‘brief’.

a. limited                     b. small                       c. title              d. short

14. I think all drivers…………seat belt.

a. should better to wear

b. should wear

c. should have worn

d. had better worn

15. ……….friends I made daring my school are still in touch with me.

a. Few                     b. A few                      c. The few                 d. Little

16. For the last few months, I………..for entrance exam.

a. am preparing                b. have been preparing

c. prepared                                    d. have prepared

17. The phrase ‘Black sheep’ means.

a. a costly item                  b. a dark shiny item

c. an unworthy               d. a funny mass

18. You, and not I,…………..guilty.

a. are                     b. is                 c. am               d. has

19. Many…….missing itoftheday logo

a. book is               b. books are             c. a book is                 d. a books is

20. I heard kamala………….as I passed room.

a. as sing                b. sing                         c. singing                   d. to singing

21. Newtown……..that the force of gravity makes apples fall. itoftheday logo

a. discovered                   b. bad discovered                  c. discovers                d. was discovered

22. The teacher has entered the classroom. Now …………..as.

a. is giving to teach                    b. teachers                 c. will teach                d. will have taught

23. My mother encouraged …………..BCA. itoftheday logo

a. to study                                    b. studying                 c. me studying                        d. me to study

24. If you have the mixed cement on the floor………….

a. it set                    b. it sets                     c. it will set                 d. it might set

25. I ……….. this book is 2068.

a. wrote                b. have written                      c. write                        d. was writing

26. Today is…………

a. so hot                b. much hot                c. more hot                 d. much hotter.

27. The passive of ‘This news surprises me’ is

a. I am surprised by this news.

b. I am surprised at this news.

c. I was surprised by this reported as

d. I was surprised at this news.

28. ‘Bravo! well done’ can be reported as

a. My papa said I did well.

 b. My papa told me Bravo as I did well.

c. My papa encouraged me on my excellent performance. itoftheday logo

BCA Entrance Questions and their solution 2019 BCA Entrance Questions and their solution 2019

d. My papa told me Bravo.

29. Sujana is ……….. Anjali.

a. more pretty than                      b. much pretty then

c. much more prettier than         d. prettier than

30. She’s a good sense of humour…………….?

a. hasn’t she                    b. does she

c. isn’t she                          d. doesn’t she

31. Which of the following is correct?

a. I am understanding all the chapters.

b. I have understand all the chapters.

c. I have understood all the chapters.

d. I have been understanding all the Chapters. itoftheday logo

32. It took use one and………….

a. a half hours                   b. a half hour

c. half hours                      d. half hour

33. The world ‘pleased’ takes the prefix………….

a. un-                     b. down-                     c. over-                       d. dis-

34. An unmarried woman is………….

a. bachelor             b. alone                       c. spinster                 d. widower

35. Before he went home, he……………to the hospital.

a. goes                    b. went                        c. has gone                 d. had gone

BCA Entrance Questions and their solution 2019

Read the given passage and the choose the best answer to each question that follows:

Television acts as a narcotic on children- mesmerizing them, stunting their ability to think, and displacing such wholesome activities as book reading and family discussions. Right? itoftheday logo

Wrong, says researcher Daniel Anderson, a psychologist at the University of Massachusetts at

  Amherst. Anderson doesn’t have any particular affection for Garfield and friend, MTV clips, or Gilligan’s Island returns. But he does believe it’s important to distinguish television’s impact on children from influences of the family and the wider culture. We tend to blame Tv, he says, for problem it doesn’t really cause. In the process, we overlook our own roles in shaping children’s minds. itoftheday logo

One conventional belief about television is that it impairs a child’s ability to think and to

interpret the world. But Anderson’s own research and reviews of the scientific literature discredit this assumption. While watching TV, children do not merely absorb words and images. Instead they muse upon the meaning of what they see, its plausibility and its implications for the future whether they’ve tuned in to a news report of a natural disaster or an action show. Because television relies on such cinematic techniques as montage and crosscutting, Children learn early how to draw inferences about the passage of time, character psychology, and implied events. Even preschoolers comprehend more than just the information supplied on the tube.

BCA Entrance Questions and their solution 2019

Questions: itoftheday logo

36. According to Anderson, television acts as.

a. A narcotic on children

b. A change agent in the society.

c. A means of book reading        

d. A agent in shaping children’s mind

37. TV impairs a child’s ability to think and interpret the world. itoftheday logo

Whose opinions is it?

a.  of the post-modern researcher.

b. of the conventional critics.

c. of Anderson

d. of recent researchers and reviewers.

38. While watching TV children are more concerned with…………

a. Words                b. images                    c. meaning                  d. word and images

39. TV depends on………

a. cinematic techniques                       b. rapid reading

c. natural disaster                         d. news reports.

40. TV develops ………power of children.

a. inferencing                              b. drawing

c. reading                                       d. thinking

BCA Entrance Questions and their solution 2019

Group B [Mathematics] itoftheday logo

41. 20% of 2 is equal to

a. 20                       b.4                   c. 0.4              d. 0.04

42. The graph of the equation y=ax2+bx+c, where a and c are zero, is

a. Parabola                        b. Straight line                     c. Circle                       d. Ellipse

43. If P={a, b, c, d, e}, Q={a, c, e, d, t} and R={t, d, c, b, e}?

a. {a, c}                   b. {a, c, e}                    c. {c, d}                        d. {c, d, e}

45. Five person can be seated at around table in

a. 20 ways              b. 4 ways                    c. 24 ways                             d. 5 ways

46. If 40 student play football, 60 students play volleyball and 25 play both games. The number of student who play football only, if if every student play at least one game is

a. 15                       b. 35                c. 75               d. 125

48. A man buys a cycle for Rs. 1400 and sells it at a loss of 15%, the selling price of the cycle is

a. 1090                   b. 1160                       c. 1190                      d. 1202

49. Solution of the equation x3-5x2+3x+9=0 is

a. 2                          b. 6                              c. 3                              d. 1

50. Which one is the formula for cos2x

a. 1-2cos2x             b. 1-2sin2x                c. sin2x+cos2x                         d. 2sinx cosx

51. Which of the following represents the set A-B?

BCA Entrance Questions and their solution 2019

Group C [General Knowledge] itoftheday logo

91. Who is the author of the novel ‘Ghanchakkar’?

a. Sanjeev Uprety                                   b. Laxmi Prasad Devkota                

c. Madhav Prasad Ghimire                       d. Manjushree Thapa

92. When was Tribhuvan University established?

a. 2016 BS                        b. 2015 BS                  c. 2022 BS                  d. 2013 BS

93. Which of the following is not input device? itoftheday logo

a. Mouse                b. scanner                  c. Monitor                 d. Keyboard

94. Who is the father of computer?

a. Charles Babbage                    b. Lady Ada Lovelace

c. Bill Gates                                                d. John Napier

95. Boxing matches are held in a

a. square                b. Ring                       c. court                       d. Ground

96. Who is the Prime Minister of Nepal?

a. Khadka Prasad oli                             b. Puspa kamal dahal

c. Shushil koirala                                       d. jhalnath khanal

97. Who is the Education Minister of Nepal? itoftheday logo

a. Giriraj Mani Pokhrel                 b. Yougesh Bhattarai

c. Lal Baby Pandit                         d. Barsaman Pun

98. Where is the tallest bridge of Nepal? itoftheday logo

a. Baglung              b. Dang                       c. Parbat                   Bajang

99. Cricket world cup stated in …………..

a. 1974                   b. 1975                      c. 1976                        d. 1977

100. How many provinces are there in Nepal?

a. 3                          b. 9                              c. 7                              d. 8

BCA Entrance Questions and their solution 2019

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