BCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022
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BCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022
BCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022
BCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022

C Programming

BCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022

1. Circle (0) the correct answer.
i. Among unary operation which operator represents increment?
a.- -
b. ++
c. -+
d. !+
Ans: b
ii. If the function return no value, then it is called……
a. Data type function 
b. Calling function 
c. Main function 
d. Void function
Ans: d
iii. What are the C functions used to read or write a file in Binary mode?
a. fprintf()
b. fread(),rwrite()
c. readf(),write()
d. getw(), putw()
Ans: b
iv. An entire array is always passed by ……….to a called function.
a. Call by value
b. call by reference
c. Address relocation 
d. Address restructure
Ans: b
v. What is actually passed if you pass a structure variable to a function?
a. Copy structure variable
b.  Reference of structure variable
c. Starting address of structure variable
d. Ending address of structure variable
Ans: a
vi. Choose a correct statement about C Escape Sequences.
a. \’ outputs one single Quote. Right Single quote.
b. \” outputs one double Quote
c. \\ produces one visible Back Slash\, 
d. All the above
Ans: D
vii. What is the keyword used to define a c macro?
a. def
b. definition 
c. define
d. defy
Ans: C
viii. What is the first step in c program building process.?
a. Compiling
b. Assembling
c. Linking
d. Preprocessing
Ans: D
ix. Choose a correct C statement about String functions?
a. strrev(“abcD”) return Dcba.
b. strcmp(“abc”, “bcd”) returns a negative number
c. strcmp(“234”, “123”) returns a negative number
d. all the above
Ans: D
x. Choose a syntax for C Ternary Operator from the list.
a. condition? Expression1 : expression2
b. condition : expression1? Expression2
c. condition? Expression1<expression 2
d. condition <expression1? Expression 2
Ans: A
BCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022 BCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022 BCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022

Financial Accounting
1.  Circle (O) the correct answer.
i. Which concept tell us “a business has an indefinite life and it exist for long period”?
a. Business entity concept 
b. Going concern concept
c. Money measurement concept 
d. Matching concept
Ans: B
ii. Journal is known as…………
a. Important book of account 
b. Book of primary entry
c. Sub-division of journal
d. Principal book
Ans: B
iii. The cash book records…….
a. Receipts ad payments in cash only
b. Receipts and payments by cheque only 
c. All receipts and payments in both cash and cheque
d. All the receipts and payments in cash and cheque except purchase of fixed assets.
Ans: C
iv. The accounting records………….
a. Credit transactions 
b. Cash transactions
c. Monetary and nonmonetary transactions
d. Monetary/ Financial transactions
Ans: D
v. Assets normally show………..
a. Debit balance
b. Credit balance
c. Debit and credit balances
d. none of them
Ans: A
vi. Which one is major objective of trading accounting?
a. To shows the financial position of business organization
b. To determine net profit
c. To identify gross profit of business
d. To show balance of debit and credit of ledger.
Ans: C
vii. Which one is not features of company?
a. Limited liability
b. Common seal
c. Perpetual succession
d. Books of account
Ans: D
viii. A company having annual requirement 32,000 units, ordering cost per order Rs. 500 and carrying cost per unit. Rs. 2, what is the economic order quantity(EOQ) of the company?
a. 3,000 units 
b. 4,000 units
c. 5,000 units
d. 8,000 units
ix.  A company issued share at Rs. 100 each and money called, Rs. 40 on application, Rs. 30 on allotment and Rs. 20 final call
How much premium or discount per share?
a. Rs. 10 discount
b. Rs. 10 premium 
c. 0 discount
d. 20 discount
Ans: B
x. A machine was purchased at Rs. 3,00,000 on 1st January 2018. The company charged 15 percent depreciation under diminishing(reducing) method per year. How much depreciation charged in year 2020?
a. Rs. 30,000
b.Rs. 27,000
c. Rs. 45,000
d. Rs. 32,512.50
Ans: C 
BCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022

BCA English II MCQs 2022

1. Circle (0) the correct answer:

i. Which among the list belong to the genre of science fiction?

a. ghost

b. roboticsBCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022

c. magician

d. myths

Ans: BBCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022

ii. Who is the sci-fi writer of the story “The Metal Man”?

a. William Gibson

b. J.G. Ballard

c. Jack Williamson.BCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022

d. H.G. Wells

Ans: CBCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022

iii. In the story, “The metal man” Professor Thomas Kelvin belongs to which department of the university?

a. Geography

b. Botany

c. GeologyBCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022

d. Astronomy

Ans: CBCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022

iv. What does the KISS principle stand for in rules of good writing?

a. keep it straight and short

b. Keep it short and simple

c. keep it sweet and simpleBCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022

d. keep it straight and simple

Ans: CBCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022

v. Which word cannot replace the phrase ‘due to the fact that’ from below?

a. as

b. since

c. thus

d. becauseBCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022

Ans: DBCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022

vi. Which among the below is not a part of the SMART subject acronym

a. Specific

b. measurable

c. appropriateBCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022

d. relevant

Ans: CBCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022

vii. Which among the list of words below is a premise indicator?

a. therefore

b. hence

c. Suggests that

d. as shown byBCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022

Ans: DBCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022

viii. Use critical reasoning to the following argument: “All people living in pokhara are Asians, and all Nepalese are Asians, therefore all people living in Pokhara are Nepalese.

a. ValidBCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022

b. invalid

c. undecided

d. insufficient information

Ans: ABCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022

ix. What among below is not the approach for the assessment of reliability about the characteristics of the person who is giving information?

a. reputation

b. vested interestBCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022

c. expertise

d. popularity

Ans: BBCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022

x. Which below is not among the four crucial factors in rational decision making

a. gathering information

b. identifying option

c. making evaluation

d. personal feelingsBCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022

Ans: DBCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022

Mathematics II MCQs  BCA TU 2022

BCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022
Mathematics II MCQs BCA TU 2022
Mathematics II MCQs  BCA TU 2022

Microprocessor and computer Architecture

1. Circle (0) the correct answer:

i. What is the range of 8-bit signed number?

a. 0……255

b. -127….+128

c. -128…..+128

d. -128…..+127

Ans: D

ii. Indirect addressing mode is used when we want to……..

a. Not disclose the address

b. Access a series of locations

c. Access the odd bank

d. Indirectly end the program

Ans: B

iii. How many iterations will this loop have……..

                         MVI C, FFH


                         DCR C

                         JNZ Back

a. 255 iteration

b. 256 iterations

c. 257 iterations

d. 1 iteration

Ans: A

iv. Which of the following architectures are used in computers?

a. Microarchitecture

b. Harvad Architecture

c. System Design

d. Von-Neumann Architecture

Ans: D

v. A stack-organized computer uses instruction of……….

a. Zero-addressing

b. One-addressing

c. Two-addressing

d. Indirect addressing

Ans: A

vi. Pipline implements

a. Fetch instruction

b. Decode instruction

c. Fetch operand

d. Calculate operand


vii. The branch logic that provides decision making capabilities in control unit is known as …….and sends……. Request to memory:

a. Conditional transfer

b. Unconditional transfer

c. Controlled transfer

d. Uncontrolled transfer

Ans: B

viii. When the BR field contains a RET or MAP symbol, the AD field

a. is left empty and is converted to seven zeros by the assembler.

b. has of the letters U,I,S or Z

c. designate the next address in sequence

d. is terminated by colon(:)

Ans: A

ix. In the CPU, what is the functionality of the control unit?

a. To decode program instruction

b. To perform logic operations

c. To store program instruction

d. To transfer data to primary storage.

Ans: B

X. In RISC architecture, memory access is limited to instructions:

a. MOV and JMP

b. STA and LDA

c. PUSH and POP

d. CALL and RET

Ans: B

BCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022 BCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022 BCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022 BCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022 BCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022 BCA 2nd semester mcqs 2022

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