BCA 4th semester all MCQs 2022
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BCA 4th semester all MCQs 2022
BCA 4th semester all MCQs 2022
BCA 4th semester all MCQs 2022

BCA 4th semester all MCQs 2022

Operating System:

1.  Circle (0) the correct answer:

i. Which of the following is not an operating system?

a. Windows 95

b. Windows 96

c. Windows 98

d. Windows 2000

Ans: B

ii. Which of the following is not layer of the operating system?

a. Operator-process communication

b. I/O management

c. User Program

d. Crash recovery

Ans: आउन बाकीँitoftheday

iii. What is called when multiple jobs are executed by cpu simultaneously by switching between them?

a. Multiprogramming

b. Batch processing

c. Multitaskingitoftheday

d. Spooling

Ans: Citoftheday

iv. which of the following is not component of process?

a. Dataitoftheday

b. Object program

c. Resourceitoftheday

d. Processor


v. Which of the following is not multi-threading model?

a. Many-to-One

b. One-to One

c. One-to Manyitoftheday

d. Many-to-Many


vi. Which of the following process scheduling is known as probabilistic scheduling algorithm?

a. EDF Scheduling

b. FCFS scheduling

c. Lottery scheduling

d. RR scheduling


vii. Which of following partition selection algorithm start search always from the last allocated hole?

a. First Fit

b. Worst Fit

c. Best Fit

d. Next Fititoftheday

Ans: Ditoftheday

viii. What is called the time taken to move disk arm to desired cylinder?

a. Seek Timeitoftheday

b. Rotational Latency

c. Rational Time

d. Transfer Time

Ans: aitoftheday

ix. Which of the following file attribute defines the unique tag number within file system?

a. Identifieritoftheday

b. Protection

c. Type

d. Size

Ans: Aitoftheday

x. Which of the following algorithm synchronized logical clock?

a. UTC

b.Berkeley algorithm

c. Christian algorithm

d. Lamport’s algorithmitoftheday

Ans: D

Numerical Method

1. Circle (O) the correct answer:

i. Open bracket methods for solving non-linear equations require……..initial guess.

a. 1

b. 2

c. 3

d. 1 or 2itoftheday

Ans: B

ii. The next iterative value of the root of x2-4=0 using Newton-Raphson Method, if the initial guess is 3 is

a. 1.5

b. 2.067

c. 2.167

d. 3.000

Ans: B

iii. Jacobi’s method is also known as

a. Displacement method

b. Simultaneous displacement method

c. Simultaneous method

d. Diagonal method

Ans: Aitoftheday

iv. The ratio of truncation error to that round off error is

a. 2:1itoftheday

b. 1:1

c. 1:2

d. 1:3

Ans: A

v. What is the condition applied in the factorization method?

a. There must exist a diagonal matrix form of the given matrix

b. Matrix should not be singular

c. All principal minors of the matrix should be non-singularitoftheday

d. Back substitution should be done

Ans: C

vi. When

image 1

a. f(x+k)-f(x)

b. f(k)-f(0)

c. 0itoftheday

d. 1

Ans: C

vii. Which of the following method is employed for solving the system of linear equations?

a. Runge kuttaitoftheday

b. Newton Raphson

c. Gauss seidal

d. Simpson’s Rule

Ans: A

viii. The Gauss-Seidel method is applicable to strictly diagonally or symmetric….definite matrices.

a. Positiveitoftheday

b. Negative

c. Zero

d. Equal

Ans: A

ix. Heun’s method is equivalent to……..

a. RK-1 method

b. RK-2 method

c. RK-3 method

d. RK-4 methoditoftheday

Ans: Ditoftheday

x. Which of the following can the Simpson’s rule posses?

a. Negative

b. Accuracyitoftheday

c. Positives

d. Zero error

Ans: B

Software engineering

1. Circle (0) the correct answer.

i. What is the major disadvantage of the spiral Model?

a. Additional functionalities are added later on

b. Higher amount of risk analysis

c. Doesn’t work well for smaller projectsitoftheday

d. Strong approval and documentation control

Ans: Citoftheday

ii. RAD Model has………..

a. 2 phases

b. 3 phases

c. 5 phaseitoftheday

d. 6phase

Ans: Citoftheday

iii. Which document is created by system analyst after the requirements are collected from various stakeholders?

a. Requirement Gathering

b. Software requirement specificationsitoftheday

c. Software requirement validation

d. Feasibility study

Ans: Bitoftheday

iv. Which is focused towards the goal of the organization?

a. Software requirement specification

b. Feasibility studyitoftheday

c. Requirement gathering

d. Software requirement validation

Ans: Bitoftheday

v. CASE tools are mainly used while developing which of the following methodologies?

i. JAD

ii. RAD

iii. OO Approach

iv. All of the mentioneditoftheday

Ans: C

vi. CMM model in Software Engineering is a technique of ………..

a. Develop the software

b. Improve the testing process.

c. Improve the software process.itoftheday

d. All of the above

Ans: Citoftheday

vii. Which testing is the re-execution of some subset of tests that have already been conducted to ensure the changes that are not propagated?

a. Thread-based testing

b. Unit testing

c. Regression testingitoftheday

d. Integration testing

Ans: Citoftheday

viii. ………….refers to the set of tasks that ensure that software correctly implements a specific factions

a. Specification

b. Verification

c. Validationitoftheday

d. None of above

Ans: Citoftheday

ix. ………..is a measure of the degree of interdependence between modules.

a. cohesion and coupling

b. cohesion

c. Couplingitoftheday

d. Modulus

Ans: Citoftheday

x. The process of transforming a model into source code is known as ……….

a. Forward engineeringitoftheday

b. Reverse engineering

c. Re-engineering

d. Reconstructing

Ans:  Aitoftheday

Scripting Language

 1. Which is/are valid types of arrays in PHP?

a. Indexed arrays

b. Associative arrays

c. Multidimensional arrays

d. All of the above

Ans: D

2. If your object must inherit behavior from a number of sources, you must use a/an

a. Interface

b. Object

c. Abstract class

d. Static class

Ans: A

3. What are the types of Pop up boxes available in JavaScript?

a. alert

b. Prompt

c. Confirm

d. All of the above

Ans: D

4. Which of the following method checks if its argument is not a number?

a. isNaN()

b. nonNaN()

c. NaN()

d. None of the above

Ans: A

5. Which method receives the return value of setInterval() to cancel future invocations?

a. clearinvocation()

b. cancelInvocation()

c. clearInterval()

d. clear()

Ans: C

6. Which is the correct jQuery selector to select all <div> elements with class name “new”?

a. $(“.new”)

b. $(“div.new”)

c. $(“.div.new”)

d. $(“.div#new”)

Ans: B

7. Which object can be used to exchange data with a server behind the scenes?

a. XMLHttpRequest

b. HttpsRequest

c. JSONHHttRequest

d. All of the above

Ans: A

8. If you want to undo a grant you should use……….





Ans: B

9. Which property is used to get the length of a string in JavaScript?

a. Strlen

b. len

c. length

d. Length

Ans: C

10. Which JavaScript method is used to call a function (a callback function) once for each array element?

a. for()

b. traverse()

c. forEach()

d. foreach()

Ans: C

Database Management System

BCA 4th semester all MCQs 2022 BCA 4th semester all MCQs 2022 BCA 4th semester all MCQs 2022

1. Which normalization from is based on the transitive dependency?

a. 1NF

b. 2NF

c. 3NF


Ans: C

2. Which of the following is not a type of database?

a. Hierarchical

b. Network

c. Distributed

d. Decentralized

Ans: D

3. The ability to query data, as well as insert, delete and alter tuples, is offered by ….

a. DDL

b. DML

c. DCL

d. TCL

Ans: B

4. Which command is used to remove a relation from an SQL?

a. Delete

b. Remove

c. Drop

d. Rollback

Ans: C

5. The key that uniquely identifies each record is called

a. Primary key

b. Foreign key

c. Unique key

d. Field name

Ans: A

6. Which of the following is the property of transaction that protects data from system failure?

a. Atomicity

b. Isolation

c. Consistency*

d. Durability

Ans: D

7. What is rows of a relation known as?

a. Degree

b. Entity

c. Tuples

d. None

Ans: C

8. Rectangles ER diagram represents?

a. Tables

b. Entity sets

c. Attributes

d. Tuples

Ans: B

9. How many levels are there in architecture of database?

a. 2

b. 3

c. 4

d. 5

Ans: B

10. Select the correct foreign key constraint?

a. Entity integrity

b. Referential integrity

c. Domain Integrity

d. None

Ans: B  

BCA 4th semester all MCQs 2022 BCA 4th semester all MCQs 2022 BCA 4th semester all MCQs 2022 BCA 4th semester all MCQs 2022 BCA 4th semester all MCQs 2022 BCA 4th semester all MCQs 2022 BCA 4th semester all MCQs 2022 BCA 4th semester all MCQs 2022

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