DotNet Technology MCQs 2021 |BCA| |TU|
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DotNet Technology MCQs 2021 |BCA| |TU|

DotNet Technology MCQs 2021 |BCA| |TU|

DotNet Technology MCQs 2021 |BCA| |TU|
DotNet Technology MCQs 2021 |BCA| |TU|

DotNet Technology MCQs 2021 |BCA| |TU|

i. Which of the following keyword is contextual keyword in c#?

a. Object

b. Value

c. Basic

d. Null


ii. Which of the following  is not pre-defined reference type in C#?

a. Object

b. dynamic

c. String

d. delegate

Ans: B

iii. Which of the following access modifier used to access member only within assembly?

a. internal

b. public

c. private

d. protected

Ans: C

iv. Which of the following class cannot be inherited by other class?

a. base class

b. abstract class

c. scaled class

d. normal class

Ans: C

v. Which keyword is used to define indexer in c#?

a. base

b. delegate

c. this

d. operator


vi. Which of the following cannot be overloaded in C#?

a. unary operator

b. relational operator

c. arithmetic operator

d. assignment operator

Ans: D

vii. Which of the following is generic class is not found in System.collections.Gerneric name.

a. Tree

b. Tuple

c. Stack

d. Dictionary


viii. Which of the following delegate is user defined in C#?

a. Fune

b. Predicate

c. Area

d. Action

ix. Which of the following is not Aggregation LINQ standard operator?

a. Max

b. Where

c. Average

d. Count


x. What class does the ASP.NET web form class inherit from by defult?

a. System.Web.UI.Page

b. System.Web.UL.Form

c. System.Web.GUL.Page

d. System.Web.Form

Ans: A

Note: Dear viewer if their is any mistake then it is request to comment down correct answer with explanation.

नोटः कुनै उत्तरमा केही नमिलेको लागदा हजुरहरुले कमेन्ट गर्न सक्नुहुने छ । सल्लाह दिनुहोला धन्यवाद!!!

DotNet Technology MCQs 2021 |BCA| |TU|

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