Web Technology 2021 BCA TU 3rd Semester
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Web Technology 2021 BCA TU 3rd Semester
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Web Technology 2021 BCA TU 3rd Semester

1. What is the correct syntax for a self-closing tag in XML?

 a. <tag/>

b. <tag>

c. <tag/>

d. <tag>/

Ans: A

2. How can you select an element based o its text content using css?

a. using the: contain() pseudo-class

b. Using the :text() pseudo-class

c. Using the :content() pseudo-class

d. None of the above

Ans: A

3. How do you insert a new row into a table in SQL?

a. INSERT INTO table_name VALUE(value1, value2,.........)

b. ADD INTO table_name VALUES( value1, value2, .....)

c. CREATE INTO table_name VALUES(value1, value2,.....)

d. INSERT INTO table_name(columen1, column2,....)VALUES(value1, value2,.....)

Ans: D

4. How can you define a variable in an XQuery query?

a. Using the "let" statement

b. Using the "declare" statement

c. using the "var" statement

d. Using the "define" statement


5. How can you create a placeholder text in an input field in HTML5?

a. Using the "label" attribute

b. Using the "placeholder" attribute

c. Using the "title" attribute

d. Using the "alt" attribute

Ans: B

6. How do you create a variable in an XSLT stylesheet?

a. using the "xsl:variable" element

b. Using the "xsl:set" element

c. Using the "sxl:let" element

d. Using the "xsl:define" element

Ans: A

7. What is the purpose of a load balancer in a web application?

a. To distribute incoming traffic across multiple servers

b. To encrypt and decrypt data

c. To store and manage session data

d. To store and manage encrypted cookie

Ans: A

8. How do you specify that an element is required in a DTD?

a. Using the #COMPULSORY keyword

 b. Using the #MANDATORY Keyword

c. Using the #REQUIRED Keyword

d. Using the #NEEDED keyword

Ans: C

9. What is the default lifetime for a cookie set?

a. 1 hour

b. 1 day

c. 1 week

d. The cookie will persist until the browser is closed

Ans: D

10. How can you create a radio button input field in a HTML form?

a. <input type="radiofield">

b. <radiobutton>

c. <input type="radio">

d. <select type="radio">

Ans: C

Web Technology 2021 BCA TU 3rd Semester

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