MCQs solution for 2022 Batch BCA TU
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MCQs solution for 2022 Batch BCA TU

MCQs solution for 2022 Batch BCA TU

MCQs solution for 2022 Batch BCA TU

Computer Fundamental

Computer Fundamentals and Applications

MCQs 2022

1. Which of the following is a network protocol used to retrieve email from a mail server?

a. FTP



d. POP3

Ans: d

2. What is the purpose of antivirus software?

a. To prevent the installation of viruses

b. To remove existing virus from a computer

c. To detect and criminate both added to system

d. To secure network connections

Ans: C

3. How are new bitcoin created and added to the system?

a. mining

b. Purchasing from exchanges

c. Government minting

d. Donations

Ans: A

4. What is the purpose of a scanner?

a. outputting documents

b. Capturing images or text and converting them into digital format

c. Displaying hard copies of document.

Ans: B

5. Which keyboard shortcut is used to start a slideshow in Microsoft Power Point?

a. F5

b. F6

c. Ctrl+C

d. Ctrl+V

Ans: a

6. what is the purpose of a URL (Uniform Resource Locator?

a. To display advertisements on web pages

b. To identify the location of a web resource

c. To send email message

d. To store files and documents

Ans: B

7. Which of the following is the branch of Artificial Intelligence?

a. Machine language

b. Cyber forensic

c. Full stack developer

d. Network Design

Ans: A

8. Which of the following is not a feature of Microsoft word?

a. Spell check

b. Page layout

c. Slide transition

d. Mail merge

Ans: C

9. Which tool adobe photoshop is used to remove unwanted blemishes and imperfections from an image?

a. Eraser tool

b. Healing brush tool

c. Paint bucket tool

d. Gradient tool

Ans: B

10. Which protocol is commonly used for secure communication over the Internet?


b. FTP



Ans: C


i) Which one of the following can be placed under the category of achieved status?

a) Chhetry

b) Race

c) Caste

d) Teacher

ii) Who is the father of sociology?

 a) Max Weber

b) Emile Durkheim

c) Auguste Comte

d) Karl Marx

iii) Which was the first stage of society

a) tribal

b) hunting & gathering

c) pastoral

d) agrarian

iv) Tribal society believed in.......

a) Hinduism

b) Buddhism

c) Animism

d) None

v) Community is.

c) seasonal

d) none

a) temporary

b) permanent

vi) Family residing at father's place is called...

a) matrilocal

b) patrilocal

c) neolocal

d) none

vii) What is understood by material culture?

a) norms & values

b) ethics

c) physical objects

d) none

viii) Types of status are services

a) one

b) two

c) three

d) four

ix) Research is the process to explore ...

a) scientific knowledge

b) unscientific view

c) concept

x) Which one is not a probability sampling?

a) random

b) stratified

c) snowball

d) systematic

English I

i) No sooner had I finished my lunch......I went out.

a) then

b) when

c) than

d) but

ii) A place where power, information, or a result leaves a system

a) chassis

b) output

c) sensor

d) troubleshooting

iii) Should you require anything further at this time, please do contact me.

a) void

b) hesitate

c) delay

d) prevent

iv) Please........enclosed our current catalogue and price list.

a) look

b) find

c) receive

d) examine

v) The word 'Intelligence' has its principal stress on the..........syllable.

a) 1

b) 2nd

c) 3rd

d) 4th

vi) What is a LAN in computer networks?

a) Literary Area Network

b)Local Area Network

c) Long Area Network

d) Local Asian Network

vii) Which of the following option is used to build complex sentences in knowledge representation?

a) Symbols

b) Connectives

c) Quantifier

d) None of the above

viii) Another term for VDU is called........

a) display

b) monitor

c) developer

d) converter

ix) If a robot is able to change its own trajectory as per the external conditions, then the robot is considered as the........ a) mobile

b) non-servo

c) open loop

d) intelligent

x) A piece of glass with a curved surface used to make things appear clearer, larger, or smaller.

a) lens

b) robotics

c) liquid crystal

d) glove

Mathematics I

Mathematics I 2022 Batch BCA TU

MCQs solution for 2022 Batch BCA TU

Question 3 and 4 is not sure so please comment me correct answer with explanation.

MCQs solution for 2022 Batch BCA TUMCQs solution for 2022 Batch BCA TUMCQs solution for 2022 Batch BCA TUMCQs solution for 2022 Batch BCA TU

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